Battlezone: Manufactorum – Conservators

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  • Add scatter terrain to your battlefield
  • Populate a starport or armorium district with imposing cargo container
  • Also includes promethium barrels and supply crates

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1 in stock .

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If you’re looking to add a bit of narrative flair to your battlefield, look no further than this Manufactorum Conservators kit. Comprising elements of two previously available sets, the contents are perfect for representing machinery and cargo that might be present in a freight depot, starport or warehouse district.

This multipart plastic terrain set includes the components to build:

– 1x Munitorum Armoured Container
– 3x promethium barrels
– 4x supply crates
– 1x trailer
– 2x Galvanic Servohaulers
– 1x servohauler tool box
– 1x fire extinguisher

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