Battlezone: Manufactorum – Terrain Datasheet Cards

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  • 22 Terrain and Tactical Terrain Datasheet Cards
  • Designed to support the Tactical Deployment mission pack
  • Use your own terrain collection to your advantage!

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1 in stock .

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This mission pack is a matched play expansion for Warhammer 40,000.

This pack includes 22 cards contained in an open-topped sleeve, with matt lamination and a thumb-cut on the backside of the sleeve to aid with card removal. Each card provides a Terrain or Tactical Terrain datasheet card, or a Manufactorum rules card, designed to work alongside the Tactical Deployment Mission Pack for easy reference.

Inside this 22-card pack you will find:

– 9x Tactical Terrain datasheet cards
– 9x Terrain datasheet cards
– 3x rules cards (1x Battlezone: Manufactorum Abilities Card, 1x Battlezone: Manufactorum Theatre of War Card, 1x Battlezone: Manufactorum Agendas Card)