Model Color Set: Infinity PanOceania Exclusive Miniature

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Out of stock

This product allows you to own have all the necessary colours to paint the models belonging to your favourite faction: PanOceania.

This set includes an exclusive miniature that can only be found in this paint set: Fusilier (Forward Observer). You will also find the colours that you will need to paint your PanOceania army: Dark Prussian Blue, Green Blue, White, Black, Chocolate Brown, Flat Earth, Old Wood, and Dark Grey.


  • 1x Fusilier-forward Observer Miniature
  • 8x 17ml Paint Pots
  • 8x 17ml Paint Pots
    • Dark Prussian Blue
    • Green Blue
    • White
    • Black
    • Chocolate Brown
    • Flat Earth
    • Old Wood
    • Dark Grey

Please note: Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

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